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Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Eleventh Day

4th Jan 2018

Joining the six sentence challenge today x

celebrating Christmas.

The Eleventh Day

The eleventh day of Christmas
I look at the sad limp tree
And wonder should I take it out
now,- convenient for me
Lights off, branches droop 
Reach to the floor now
decorations hang precariously
how do they stay there, how?
But then I start to look anew
And see the love behind
the beauty that it gave us
And so I change my mind
I'll leave it for a few more days
till the kings have come to call
I'll put the lights on later too
To give cheer to one and all.


UP said...

Very nice. I am no good at poetry and a little jealous.

Deborah Lee said...

The house always looks so dreary after the holiday decorations come down. :-(

Maz Green said...

You're right Deborah.. it does..

Keith's Ramblings said...

Mine are coming don today - it's going to look very dull!

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shiftnshake said...

Nice. I have known people to leave the tree up through Fourth of July....