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Friday, July 15, 2016

Write on the Beach

14th July 2016

Write On The Beach

A fabulous two hours this morning at
Write On The Beach workshop,
Sitting on fold up chairs, cushions
Or, for one, an arm chair
Borrowed from a salubrious living room,
Sun warming our faces
Wind cooling our backs
Nine gathered in front of 
Beach Hut 136
A blue beacon of creativity
Nestled quietly among more 
Ordinary neighbours.
With waves rhythmically keeping time 
Mysterious - moon drift
We read poems of the beach,
Write from prompts,
Share our hastily penned words.
Pebbles, warm underfoot, listen,
Listen, to our scratchy scrawlings,
Our spoken efforts
Sometimes stolen by brazon breeze.
In just a breath, juices flowing now
Time is up.
But inspiration as plentiful as
The waters before us
Is ours to take away
Reluctantly we go our separate ways
Fresh material within us .

And some words that i played with at the workshop:

Dip Your Toe In

Dip your toe in,
Yes, that's right, it's cold, it's icy,
But, you can stand it.
Go on now, Go a bit further, try
Your foot maybe? 
Colder still? Uncomfortable - for sure,
But you'll see 
Persevere, stay with it, what do you find?
Ahh, gone numb eh? 
No feeling?
Might as well take the plunge,
Jump right in .
You know you'll be ok.
And now you scream out.
It's too much pain,
It's taking too long,
But you, you carry on,
You stay with it.
You , finally , get your reward
You, you are swimming 
Totally immersed , one with the water.
It was worth it - suffering forgotten,
Waves wash away it's echo
The sun shining on you 
The warmth of this moment precious.

The prompt for the next one is the quote: " Water: no matter how much, there is still not enough". 

At each new dawn Nadia walks with her mother,
Before the sun has time to scorch their bones
Through narrow rugged paths,
Pebbles piercing sores into dusty feet,
They carry pitchers on their heads
On their way to get water for the day ahead.
They don't speak
The task is important , urgent.
Sometimes , if they finish early enough
And the day is cool
They will go out again
Take a different road and
End up by the sea.
This time the pebbles are welcoming
They creep across them to 
Sooth their sores in the cool water.
This time the water is more than enough to
Bring a smile to their brown burnt faces.
Nadia splashes her mother and 
For a few moments they
Forget that , no matter how much there is,
There is still never enough. 
Their skin glistens a fresh beginning,
And tomorrow they will go again 
To the still, small, stream,
And the day after that 
And the day after that
But , just once in a while 
They get to smile.


  1. Very much liked Write on the Beach. Good capturing of gathering.

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