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Sunday, July 10, 2016

250 Words

      This is an experiment that I am undertaking 
to estimate how many 
words I usually write
 in a blogpost. 
Apparently the optimum 
number of words is around 250 
and over 1000
 is way too many.

        Also the average time a visitor spends
 reading a blogpost is 
96 seconds which I 
thought was quite a long time – more than 
a minute and a half! 
So my plan is
 to see what two hundred and fifty words 
looks like on my blog
 because I 
would actually like to reach 
more people and 
to have comments from people
        that give me somewhere to go, 
you know questions for me to answer 
or maybe topics to research. 
Yes, that would be good.

So how can I get my readership 
to engage with me so that there is
 a communication between us?
     I mean, I do get a lot of comments 
but rarely are they the sort that want me to 
come back with answers or opinions, 
which is what I would like.

      Anyway, for now I am going to 
take my husband’s advice 
and post pictures and stories 
of the family and daily life.
 That seems to be the kind of writing 
that gets the most interest. 
For instance, the latest post with picture
  of my new grandson has already had 
one hundred and fifty seven views
 when normally the  first post is 
something  nearer to just fifty.
 Maybe it’s the picture of the baby.
 Well I’ll stop now as I’ve 
reached 250 words....


  1. Hi Marian - thanks for your visit ... you've lots of progeny! That will keep you active and alive as they all start to grow ...

    I'm afraid my posts are always longer than 250 words ... still they keep my brain working ... I definitely wouldn't have time to write them if I had so many grandchildren!!

    Cheers and good luck with your experiment ... Hilary

  2. Thanks Hilary for your encouraging words. It looks like I usually post between 2000-1000 words each time I write on my blog. So, there you are... New post on yours now please...

  3. Congrats upon the latest member of your wonderful family. How wonderful. Liked your post a lot too. :)

  4. Thanks a lot Jane. To hear you say you liked my post is very encouraging...


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