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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Red Arrows

What a fantastic day in the Bay,
Train loads of visitors wound their way down from the station in large groups. Every train from early morning packed . People still on the trains and going on further than Herne Bay breathed a sigh of relief and headed for the empty seats left by the hoards  getting  off. We were walking through the park at 11.00 am and were caught up in a swarm heading for the seafront. Given that the Air Show wasn't due to start until 1.00 pm we thought that was quite impressive. All roads leading into the town were crammed with parked cars and camper vans ( quite a number parked up over night). 
And then, whichever way you looked along the coast there were people - not an inch of space to be seen anywhere. Queues for the toilets and  for all the eating places. We certainly had never seen this before in The Bay . 

And so many attractions too - Birds Of Prey, Snakes, Stalls of all kinds, the Amy Johnson project and old war planes to see on the ground. 
Enthusiasts had come from all over Kent and London, as well as farther afield such as Nottingham and Sheffield - and that's only from the few we spoke to.
I don't know how the numbers stacked up , but I've never seen so many people in The Bay. 
We saw The Red Arrows and a few others, but ended up coming home early because we were uncomfortable on the tiny bit of beach we managed to share with so many others. 

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