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Monday, August 10, 2015

Getting it Right - or Not!

Getting it Right - or Not !

The strawberries were on offer today.
Right I thought, a treat on the way.
I pondered whether one punnet or two
And true to form thought we'll make do.
After all we have to have  cream
It has to be double - a lovely thick stream.
And then the meringue, I just couldn't resist,
Makings of a sweet that shouldn't be missed.

So imagine my surprise and dismay
When I said, after dinner at the table today,
I've got a special treat for you now
Strawberries, cream and  meringue-wow!
One said "what're you giving everyone else"
But the joke back fired against himself
As two of the party declined the treat
Said they'd  had enough with all the meat.

Well, I'm glad I never opted for two.
One was plenty without making do

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