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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Haunted House

Thank you to all my followers...

As Anna-Marie is visiting today I thought I'd look back to the poem that she did that I posted on my blog in June. She is very talented both with words and visual art ( drawing and painting in particular..

This lovely picture and poem from Anna Marie, my grandaughter. Fabulous...

I looked on your blog Grams and your poems are very long so I thought
 I would add a little more to my poem all is the same I just added
 a bit more .... Here you go 

Haunted House

the derelict building standing still, 
being taken over by an army of tall grass, 
crumbling away on the tall geriatric hill,
 growing old very fast, 
the Robertson house is its name, 
located in alton, 
it is no haunted game , 
it's amazing time is being shortened, 
it is not very important but used to be, 
the main attraction on earth is he.
 will you dare enter the building? 
even though it is slightly tilting, 
cracked windows , 
blood stains, 
blood pumping through your veins! 
the old mental asylum, 
on the top of the hill, 
with vengeful ghosts ready to kill... 

 -Anna-Marie Elizabeth Pasquet green 
( Aged 11)


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