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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Stolen Dream...

The Stolen Dream

I don't know how  I feel about it .
We were almost signing on the dotted line
When  the people we were buying from
Thought that, you know, it would be fine
To just  - pull out.

We were supposed to be moving  later this week,
Now , though the sun's shining, I feel pretty bleak.
My dream has been stolen, taken from me
Yet still it continues in memory to be,
A complete reality.

I see myself sitting in the garden in the sun,
with grandchildren and picnics having fun.
Enjoying the plants with their colours so bright,
Drinking wine late into the night,
But it's not to be.

There's something better round the corner they say,
A new adventure for another day.
It wasn't meant to be this time, oh no.
We'll just have to have another go,
At searching.

I'm sorry I've bored you all with my rhyme
Not very good and way out of time
Maybe I'll have some better news soon,
If it's the right phase of the moon,


  1. Perfectly put, and I know just what you mean. x

    1. Thanks Jacula. Wasn't sure you were still following my blog.


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