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Monday, February 9, 2015


The bug that attacked me was probably invisible to the naked eye, yes that small.  A tiny , microscopic cell.
 Yet it had such a devastating effect on my system. I have been weak for more than a week and bedridden for part of that time.
On Wednesday, I woke to silence and darkness and assumed it must be predawn. I lifted my head, a mountain of pain, a swirl of waterfalls and whirlpools and reached out my hand . It was like trying to swim in quicksand and my energy didn't seem up to it.My neck rebelled"no, get back down". Limbs,shivering,  dripping, unable to manage themselves, sought pardon and asked for mercy. My mobile says 2.45amI switch on the light and slowly, with deliberate movements I find the paracetamol . Taking too long to get into the packet my hands shake, making it worse. The pills scratch the back of my throat and I'm grateful for the water that washes them down. Water which I don't normally drink but am forced to rely on for days as nothing else is acceptable to this alien creature. I dare not slump back down. The next task is even more difficult that the first. I have to get to the toilet. I edge my way to the side of the bed, rest, get legs nearly down, rest, bring body up to sitting position, rest, sway, rest, still dizzy, hold myself there to balance. Try standing, whoaa, ok. Make way out of bedroom along corridor, sliding along walls,  not giving in to temptation to get down on all fours.Eventually I make it back to bed, sore, breathing heavily and feeling as if I've run a marathon. No, I think, I'll not get up today.

I didn't sleep much after that and the early morning birdsong at 4.15 am heralded in the new day, which I wasn't to see.

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  1. Came upstairs today at a pace without a feeling of weakness. I must be better. It was only ten days. Although I am left with a tickly cough which is really annoying.


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