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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A few poems/ words...

A Light Will Shine
Stop... be still... wait...
For you do not know.
What you want - good in itself
Could be the wrong thing for you.
Accept what comes...
Live with contentment.
For, out of the darkness,
A light will shine.
You will see things
 from a different place.
You will look back.
Times you thought were bad
are those that moved you on.


Place your  hope on the water,
trust it will weather the storms.
Send it off in a little raft
made of bumpy logs
Tie it  together with dreams
formed from strong roots.
It will meet fast flowing rapids
A water of lies
 Will crash over it.
Yet, your hope still will survive
And come to land
In fertile soil,
Where those with clear minds
Will gather  it to themselves
Be healed by it
And plant it
where it can do some good.


Welcome the days when you are not full of joy.
Take them, as gifts for your learning.
Use them as time to be yearning,
For new light to enter.
The shadows of feelings shaping the house,
Built on the foundations of suffering,
Strong against the winds of sorrows,
Ready, when peace and joy resume,
To rest...
To be...

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