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Friday, May 12, 2017

Wedding Day.

10th May

I have been away from my computer for nearly a week due to my husband and I attending the wedding of my grandaughter to her beloved . It was so beautiful, from the nuptial mass to the dress that she made herself, to the horse and carriage that was a surprise from her new husband .
And then, of course it's one of those rare times when all my family come together. So that was an added bonus.

Marriage - The Start

As they walked out of the sacristy after signing the register, she gave her long dress a little shake to the side to make it fall properly so she could walk.
They processed down the aisle of the church, smiling at family and friends, followed by parents and bridesmaids all linking arms with their opposites and all looking joyful.
They were now husband and wife, tied to each other in the wonderful bond of marriage, the future unknown but the adventure of it welcome by both.
What a day it was with all the photos, the sit down dinner, the speeches, the dancing, the many conversations and then it was over.
We know it won't be easy and this is just the beginning, but we wish them well and also we know that they are both used to hard work and waiting for things, so as long as they keep praying and loving all will be well.
It was such a special experience for us grandparents who could just go and enjoy the celebration without being responsible for it in any way as we have been for our own children.


  1. A perfectly lovely reason to be absent from the blogsphere, Maz! :-) I would love to see a photo of the dress she made. It sounds like it was a beautiful event, and everything went off perfectly. I smiled in agreement of how nice it was for you to be able to go and enjoy having all your family together for this happy occasion and you didn't have to do anything to help with it. Blessings to the new couple, and always to you as well, my friend! <3

  2. Thanks Josie. I'm going to try to find some photos to share. Could be a while though...

  3. A good reason to be AWOL. Welcome back

  4. Blessings to the newly-weds. It is very nice to enjoy the wedding function .

  5. I loved seeing the wedding photos of the happy couple and half of your grandchildren on Facebook... such a sweet bunch of gorgeous kids, looks like it was a lovely wedding!


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