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Thursday, May 18, 2017


18th May 2017

The word this week for the six sentence story challenge is  "cue". Where do I  go with that.

Getting Up

Every day lately seemed to be a struggle and this morning she woke with an empty feeling deep within and was not looking forward to what the echoes of all her yesterdays would bring.
She could hear cups clattering and the fridge door opening in the kitchen which meant her husband was making their morning tea and forcing  herself to get out of bed she reached for her pink dressing gown.
Not being up for much  conversation,  she took her laptop, started it up and hid in the anonymity of the words in her emails, hoping to find something to make everything worthwhile.
And that's when she spotted  the , email from  "Recording Life Under the Radar", with its cue for today, which, she just realised, must be Thursday and with that thought the daze was cleared,  and she prepared to busy herself with words, thinking , this day will be good after all. 
When she'd finished she got out her journal and started making plans, plans  to find more time to write as this was the only way she could save herself.

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Old Egg said...

I loved how you made the story so relevant to the Prompt site, as it brought out a laugh from me.

moon said...

Thanks so much for the smiles . Beautifully written.
Best wishes,

Paul Brads said...

Yes, this day will be good after all

neel p said...

Oh! what a beautiful start to a beautiful day. Beautiful writing.

Val said...

Oh, yes. When writing is your passion, finding time to do it and becoming engrossed in the process can change a blah day into a beautiful day. (No matter what the cue).

Lisa L. said...

Nice little metafiction here. :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a clever way to tie the cue and our love for writing into your story, Maz! Indeed, writing is my very best form of therapy, and has at times been my salvation. Once I clear my head with a bit of blogging, the rest of the day falls nicely into place... or I just continue to blog until it's over. ;-) XOXO

Clark said...

I'm with Old Egg and the others... very clever Six and I smiled at the tie in climax.
(though I really liked the line, "...hid in the anonymity of the words in her emails, hoping to find something to make everything worthwhile."

very nicely written

messymimi said...

You can make every day count by sharing yourself!

Maz Green said...

Thanks everyone for such positive feedback ...