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Monday, June 22, 2015

Number 19

Grandad's New Little Darling

So small, yet so perfect,
Head the size of
A medium orange
Fingers like tiny twigs
On thin branches
Legs as thick
As grandad's fingers.
You open your eyes
Look into his,
No, it was a smile.
Paying attention to
His love.
You are,
His new,
"Little Darling"
And already,
Little one,
You know.
So small, yet so perfect


Liz Walton said...

beautiful x

Marian Green said...

Thanks Liz ... :)

Beth Camp said...

Hello, Marian. We've been talking about memoir. What about putting your poems together for a poetry-memoir???? Lovely!

Marian Green said...

Who's been talking about memoir?? And can you give me any tips Beth??