Monday, April 23, 2018

Window Shopping

12th April

A response to The Wasteland , by T.S.Eliot. 
I have used some of his lines throughout this poem.

Window Shoppers 

Last year for three months it was a bookshop,
Then for nineteen weeks, the owner was very precise  -  a florists,
Long departed, no forwarding address .
For many months it stood empty, memory and desire stirring - walls burned green and orange,
 framed by coloured stone.
Today, newly painted in purple gloss, no sign of dross or moss, the offices of a law firm.
Next door is the Corner Café, chairs spill out onto pebbles and pavement summer sun reflecting sky upon glass tops.
On rainy days you will hear a chatter and a clatter, from within.
Through the window you might see little groups huddled together around small tables
Elegantly laid with tea pots and china cups and saucers
And here is where town councillors often went and drank coffee and talked for an hour.
The two shops next to the cafe both hollow sepulchres  - long left  - grubby from want of human touch 
Nothing to attract the attention of the window shopper. 
But beside them,  New Look - glass front displaying  goods , enticing  you to step past the doors
Through which you see racks of colourful clothes and a few staff members, hovering.
Up and down the street,  people wander, most out for a stroll , not to buy, just to look
As one might go to the woods or the mountains.
No need today to rush about the shops  to find those items that we need 
All Important purchases can be made from the comfort of our homes, on any number of electronic devices
The High Street has become a leisure activity
"Let's have a walk around the shops”  -  people say.
A museum of past times - you ought to be ashamed to look so antique.
What a wicked pack of cards for shopkeepers , dealing as they do in profit and loss
With rates going up and would be customers  only window shopping.
Soon they will be gone - ruins tolling reminiscent bells
And I will show you fear in a handful of dust.


  1. So much truth to this. Unless you are selling food, it's hard to keep a storefront open these days.


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