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Thursday, January 11, 2018


11th Jan 2018

The prompt for six sentence story today was "wage"

How Much?

How disappointing to find that, even though we women, in England at least, gained the right to vote on the same terms as men as far back as 1928, that in a very real way women are still being overlooked and treated as second class citizens.

We have the right to vote and that's great but the struggle still goes on and  I was surprised to discover a few days ago, there is a very real gap, 18% in fact, between men and women when it comes to the wage they receive for doing the exact same job.

It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever and whilst I was amazed  that this still happens I was amused by what a group of women ( with a few men supporters) did to draw awareness to this injustice.

They came up with a cunning plan and taking over a bar for an afternoon proceeded to charge what they called a man tax, justifying a surcharge on orders for men only of 18%, with the explanation that this was only fair as they had already had the extra money in their wage packet.

It caused some uproar and lots of hilarity, but the message mostly got home, with many men being happy to come on board for the sake of the publicity, while others however refused to pay up .

These last did not get off lightly though, as the hidden cameras show that the waitresses  deducted from their order what they considered to be about 18% and so,some men had part of their drink or meal removed and of course, were not at all happy - so funny to watch  and such a good way to get the point across.


  1. Good post. Your link on the link up isn't working. I had to come here the old fashioned way!!!

    Might want to go back and re-link it.

  2. It is astounding that this is still the case. A recent audit at the local university showed that male professors make an average of about 1/3 more than female professors who have the same degree and have been there just as long.


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