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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Early Risers

Something I found when trying to sort through my "stuff". The first a short piece about washing day
And then a bit of flash fiction - story in exactly 100 words. Hope you enjoy them...

Early Risers

5.0 a.m. start - Six buckets of water,
Fill copper - light.
Add soap shavings Sunlight Carbolic,
Breathe in fresh, clean scent,
A bit of soda to prevent scum.
It's Monday  washing the entire day.
New to me, used to the modern machine.
But mother-in-law's routine.
Whites in first - boil,
Open windows to release steam.
Next coloureds; 
Lastly work clothes - the grubbiest.
Wooden tub for hand scrubbing,
Washboard for more soiled items.
All laundry rinsed  - fed through rollers of mangle.
When done,
Tired satisfaction...
No time for anything else.
Even dinner is cold meat from yesterday,
With bubble and squeak from leftovers.


Keeping everything normal Sheila starts ironing. It is Tuesday, after all. She'd kept up the regiment
al routine her mother-in-law had instilled in her all those years ago. Each day had its particular job - Monday, washing day, Tuesday, Ironing, - a useful distraction on this significant day.
Automaton like, she picks up his shirt, the one she bought him last Christmas. She knew then that she would be here today. The iron sweeps backwards and forwards. Smiling, she plans how she will go to the the greenhouse later and dispose of the body and the mug containing the evidence.

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