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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eating snails

Playing around with early memories
Eating snails:

The New Baby
She plays under the caravan,
Sits in summer dress, in semi dark.
Bare legs
Brown slime oozes through toes
As she rubs her feet up and down
In  squelchy mud.
“One ...two ... three ... four ... five ... seven...”
She picks up her snails,
Arranges them on leaves,
Gathered earlier that morning - with Dad.

Above her, the baby cries...
She looks up – sighs...
Unaware that this new guest
Will mean the world to her.
Taking a shiny snail in two hands
She sees the head move...
She tastes it,
Dribbles ,
Chews and chews
And finishes it off.
Biting on the shell it gives up nothing more.
She drops it down, with the others.
She’ll not have another.
She continues to make a home,

Under the caravan.

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  1. I can't remember the taste and have no wish to repeat the experience.


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